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Retroville is a multifunctional shopping and entertainment center with a unique concept - a lifestyle center. Our main advantage is a combination of all the main components of modern life - shopping, business, sport, leisure and entertainment. Wide choice of world brands, rest area for the
all family members, the largest food court in Kyiv with loft, lounge, green, eco and children areas. Shopping mall is located in the greenest part of the city with a population of 250 000 people within walking distance. There is a possibility of opening metro stations near Retroville in 2021, such as "Mostytska" and "Prospect Pravdy", which makes Retroville more popular as a place for rest and shopping.
The presence of a class "B" business center will ensure a consistently high level of attendance, both on weekends and on weekdays.
The second phaze of the mall and business center Retroville is expected to be opened in August.
Retroville – everything you need and even more!