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Shopping, entertainment and business center

Business-center Retroville

Class B modern business center
Retroville BC is a unique complex that combines:

  • modern engineering - central air conditioning system, supply and exhaust ventilation, high-speed Internet, CCTV access control system
  •  effective planning decisions
  • up to date equipment including high-speed silent elevators
  • modern design
  • panoramic glazing of the BC facade
  • sufficient number of parking lots
Well-developed infrastructure
Everything you need for work in one place
Security system
Physical security, as well as automatic integrated security systems - video surveillance, analytics, access control systems.
Convenient location
Business center is located in the green part of the city, as well two subway station are planned for the opening in 2021.
High footfall
250,000 people within walking distance by 2021, as well as the presence of shopping mall allows you to grow your business and attract customers even more effectively.
Comfortable free parking for business center staff.
Fire safety
Usage of modern technologies that ensure complete safety of visitors in the business center.

Pravda Avenue, 47
Rental department
Head of the rental department
Nikolai Katiushchenko
Marketing and advertising
Chief Marketing Officer
Natalia Kondratenko
Advertising in the shopping center
Marketing manager
Elena Rodak